Timeless, Classic, Professional and
Un-Obtrusive Coverage of YOUR Special Day
As Seen Through the Eyes of your Guests

As a husband/wife team with over 15 years of experience,
we will exceed your expectations with our
unparalleled service and commitment to YOU.

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Dear Bride:

While your wedding day is one of the most precious events of your life, we know that planning for your wedding can be one of the most stressful.

Countless decisions need to be made—Do you want video coverage of your wedding, or will photography suffice? And if you decide on video, which videographer should you choose? Or, could you save money by having Uncle Frank take the video?

Our goal is to make this important decision easier by including everything you need right here on our web site.

As you take a few minutes to read this letter you will experience a sense of calmness and lightheartedness as you explore our information, resources, sample videos, testimonials, packages, frequently asked questions, pricing and more.

We can even help plan your wedding if that is what you are looking for!

We believe the wedding videography business is about “relationships.”

Because your wedding day is one of the most intimate days of your life,
we’ve created a short online video that will help you get a feel for who we are, while sharing important information to make your decision-making process much easier.


Since you’ve most likely spent, or are planning on spending, months to make your day extra special, the five minutes you take to watch our online video could be one of the best investments of time that you can make.

Our video will:

* Explain why you need video coverage of your special day
* Show you samples of our wedding coverage
* Discuss why it’s not a good idea to have a relative videotape your wedding
* Give you a feel for our passion and commitment to you on your special day
* Highlight the benefits of having a husband/wife videography team
* Show you how you can use your video to re-capture the romance year after year
* Prove to you that the cost associated with hiring us is nothing compared to the cost of NOT having coverage of your special day


After watching this video, you’ll want to read on to:

* discover the two biggest complaints of most brides

find out why you shouldn’t have a family member cover your wedding

* explore the things you should look for in a videographer
* learn about the extra attention and service we give each client
* find out more about our specific packages and pricing


We want to earn your trust because we consider it an honor to cover your wedding. We know just how special your wedding day is!

We also promise to go the extra mile to give you a custom, timeless DVD that will exceed your expectations and be treasured for years to come.

Remember, the time you spend reading this letter and watching the video is small, in comparison to the time involved in planning for your wedding.

And this could be ONE of the most important decisions you make.

Here’s why…


One of the most common complaints from brides is that the wedding itself took so long to plan (months, or even years) and yet the actual wedding day went by way too fast!

Think about the time involved in planning for your wedding, compared to the actual time of the ceremony! All those months of anticipation and yet the ceremony flies by in a heartbeat!

The good news is that, if you’ve captured your day on video you will preserve those moments for a lifetime. That special day, if captured, can be celebrated year after year as you journey through your new life together.

"I've got to say... the wedding video is awesome! We love it and everyone else that has seen it loves it too! We couldn't be happier! You guys did a great job. It is a family heirloom that we will treasure for the rest of our lives... I wish my parents would have had a video of their wedding... our children will! :)
We just want you to know we appreciate everything both of you guys did on our wedding day, and just watching the video again brings back so many memories! You guys are true professionals and we were really impressed! We will recommend you to everyone we know that's getting married in the future... thanks again... take care!"

- Arlo and Misty Wallis, November 18, 2005


Another common complaint from married couples who reflect back upon their wedding day is that they were so nervous or excited that they didn’t even fully remember everything that happened that day!

Yet if you have your wedding day captured on video, you’ll be able to see those precious moments that you may have missed. We specialize in capturing those moments and preserving the memories!

While photography can capture precious moments on your special day, it won’t capture...

* the sincerity in your husband’s voice when he says his vows
* the giggles from your bridesmaids while getting ready
* the wonderful things said about you during the toast
* the joy in your parent’s eyes
the way Aunt Emma dances to the Macarena...

... like video can.

While your photos can freeze a wonderful moment, video enhances your photos by letting you relive those moments, as well as any moments the Bride and Groom often miss.

We work with the photographer to capture your special moments. For today's engaged couples, professional wedding videography holds the same importance as wedding photography.

"I just wanted to let you know that we watched the video and cried and laughed all over again. It was so great. It was really neat to see so many things that were going on while I was busy getting ready and what not. There were even little things that happened during the ceremony that I didn't realize until we watched the video. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful way for us to relive our day!!!!!"

- Jennifer & Steve Holt - May 2006


Plus, if you think about it—your wedding day is not only one of the most special moments of your life, but it’s also one of the FEW times family and friends all come together in ONE place.

Besides your wedding, when would everyone get together?

Weddings bring together families of the bride and groom, out-of-town friends and relatives, fellow classmates and even fellow co-workers.

Again, below is a recap of the benefits you receive by having video on your special day.


* You capture that special day forever!
* You'll see things you most likely missed during the ceremony and/or reception.
* You can prolong that special day by capturing it on video
* You can preserve one of those few times when everyone comes together in the same place
* You can use your video to recapture the romance year after year by watching it on your anniversary.
* You'll have something to show your children or grandchildren!
* You'll have a gift to give your parents that they will treasure for a lifetime!
* You'll feel like a movie star! After all, when else do you get this much attention?

Now that we’ve shown you the benefits of having video coverage of your special day you may be wondering which videographer to choose?

Before we show you why you shouldn’t have a relative cover your wedding and the things to look FOR in a videographer, we’d like to take a moment to introduce ourselves…


As we mentioned earlier, we look at covering your wedding as an honor, not just another paid gig.

We are in this business because of our passion for helping people make the most out of their special event!

As a happily married couple, it’s a privilege to cover your special day as you prepare for your wonderful life together.

We also have a broad range of experience that we bring to the table:

* Rob studied film at San Francisco State and has over 16 years of experience producing wedding videos.
* Lesley has 16 years of experience in the event planning industry as well as vast experience in the wedding industry. (Read below if you’d like help planning your wedding/reception as well).
* As a team, our videography and editing will convey your day as seen through the eyes of your guests capturing those moments that should not be missed and finding those that often are!
* We pride ourselves in going above and beyond what most videographers do and we spend a great deal of time and energy to make your wedding video perfect. (We know we’ve accomplished our mission when you laugh and cry each time you watch your video!)
* We use state-of-the art equipment and have two camera operators to ensure full coverage. You receive a fully edited DVD (up to 2 hours) in a custom case with custom labels. Plus many more extras! (Keep reading to find out) And we have packages to fit most budgets.


"Wow! We can never thank you enough for the exceptional care and attention you gave to creating our wedding video. Thank you for taking the time to really get to know us. Thank you for listening and understanding what was important to us. The finished product exceeds all of our expectations.

You created more than a mere video, you beautifully preserved our most precious memories. You went above and beyond what is called for or expected in a business relationship today."

~ Mike and Samantha Risser, July '05

At this point you may be thinking, "Okay, you've convinced me that I NEED video coverage of my special day, but can't I save money by having a relative videotape my wedding?"

Yes, you can save money by having a family member videotape your wedding, but you may not be happy with their "well-intentioned" results:


#10 Aunt Emma has cataracts.
#9 Uncle Frank likes to get people to talk about World War II.
#8 Aunt Emma doesn’t realize the lens cap is on while she's videotaping.
#7 Aunt Emma thinks your niece or nephew is more entertaining than you.
#6 Aunt Emma has a crush on the best man.
#5 Uncle Frank likes the girls! You’ll end up with footage of every gal except you!
#4 Uncle Frank likes to drink. You may end up with footage of the front lawn.
#3 Aunt Emma has a nervous twitch. (Especially around the best man).
#2 Uncle Frank likes to cuss when he’s had too much to drink. You won't be able to *bleep* out his words!
#1 Aunt Emma forgets to turn off the video recorder eveery time she uses the restroom!

We hope we’ve convinced you NOT to have a family member videotape your wedding.

And we hope we’ve provided you with a little humor to make your planning a little less stressful!

Now it's time to explore exactly what to look for before hiring ANY videographer.


Below is a list of things you will want to consider when looking for a videographer for your wedding.

First and foremost look for a wedding videographer(s) that you are
comfortable with. Remember this person (or team) will be sharing your special day with you. Find someone who believes it’s an honor to cover your special day, rather than just another paid gig.

We'd be happy to schedule a no-obligation "get aquainted" meeting with you. In fact, we encourage it!

Think about the look and feel you would like captured on video and find the videographer that will be able to capture that.

For example, do you want an “artsy, hollywood” type movie with special effects or do you want timeless, classic coverage of your wedding?

We will work with you to give you exactly what you are looking for. Though we can do special effects, our specialty is creating timeless, classic videos.

Think about the kind of coverage you would like.

For example, is it important to have coverage of you and your bridesmaid’s getting ready? If so, you may feel more comfortable with a female videographer. And you may want a male/female team who can capture the girls and the guys.

That's where a husband/wife team comes in handy!

Do you want one camera or two?

Having two camera coverage allows more viewpoints to be captured. For example, one camera can be on you, while another is on your husband-to-be.

Then one camera can focus on the two of you, and the other can focus on the audience's reaction to you!

We work with you to help you determine what's best for your needs!

Does the videographer have sample videos, including full-length videos?

You should ALWAYS watch demo videos from the videographers. Most allow you to view samples online but it is also good to request a full-length video.

CLICK HERE to see our online samples.

We are always happy to send you a full-length video of one of our weddings as well! Give us a call at PHONE NUMBER to request a copy!
Read and/or request testimonials from satisfied customers.

You should always look at testimonials from other customers. Also, any videographer should be happy to give you the phone numbers of satisfied customers as well!

Please explore our testimonials on this page, and feel free to request the contact information of our satisfied customers

Request a meeting with the videographers before you decide.

You may find that some videographers don’t want to meet with you unless you’ve agreed to buy their package.

Again, we are glad to meet with you before you make this important decision!

Find out exactly what the different packages cover.

For example, you may think you are getting three copies of the DVD and your package only allows for one. Then you may have to pay extra for additional copies. (See our packages below which include extra copies for FREE)

Does your DVD come packaged in a custom case with a custom label? How many camera hours does your package cover? How many hours are spent post-production? (Again see our packages below to see exactly what you receive with our wedding packages).

Look for a videographer that will have a pre-production meeting with you to outline your events of the day to make sure they don’t miss out on anything.

We schedule a FREE two hour pre-production meeting with all of our clients to create a time line of your special day and to find out what moments are important to you.

Find out how much time is spent editing the wedding footage.

Some videographers will only spend a specific amount of time editing the video.

While we estimate the time spent on editing based on the amount of coverage you need, we will take as much time needed to give you a DVD that you will treasure forever!

This is where we go the extra mile! We spend a great amount of time editing our videos to give you something that you will be proud of!

Ask how long the final DVD will be?

Our final DVD includes 90 minutes to 2 hours of footage.

Whereas others might just include “highlights.”

Ask if there are any other special bonuses or additional items included in the package?

Our packages include many extras. (See below). But please feel free to compare prices and services.

We know you will find our prices are competitive and our services are unparalleled.

"Rob and Lesley were wonderful to work with. From our first meeting at the Bridal Show I knew they were going to be my videographers. They took the time to talk to me even amidst all the other people at the show. They were very willing to do use my ideas, and were very easy to talk with. Our video turned out even better than I imagined. They made the video “ours” with our personality, not a scripted thing that looks like everybody else’s. I highly recommend ImageWise, you can’t go wrong!"

~ Heidi and Carl, January '05


Again, we have many different packages to allow for different needs and different budgets.

You'll notice that we also offer many FREE extras!

LESLEY:This should be a photo of your DVD packaging and cases laid out in a beautiful display, maybe with a rose or something next to it!

Packages Just a Slice Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Camera Coverage 1 camera 1 camera 2 cameras 2 cameras
Shooting Time 2 hours 5 hours 8 hours 10 hours
Coverage -Ceremony

-Location shots
-Guest Arrival
-Dining area and Table
-First Dance
- Cake Cutting
-Bouquet and Garter Toss
-Toasts and Speeches
-First Dances



ALL of Tier 1 PLUS...

-Getting Ready
-Photo Session Coverage
-Guest Interviews
-Photo Collage
-Creative editing/special effects
-End credits
-Wedding Consulting

ALL of Tier 2 PLUS...

-Extra length double set DVD

-Plus your choice of one filling:
-Love Story Video
-Photo Life Story
-Rehearsal Dinner
-Slide show set to music

Editing Hours Quick Edit *Approx 2 hours *Approx 3 hours * Approx 5 hours
DVD 1 copy with custom cover and label 1 copy plus 1 FREE copy with custom menu, covers and labels 1 copy plus 3 FREE copies with custom menu, covers and labels 1 copy plus 7 FREE copies with custom menu, covers and labels
Additional For 2 camera coverage add $200 For 2 camera coverage add $200    
FREE Bonus Items  

-FREE 2 hour pre-production meeting and planning

-FREE web hosting of highlight chapter or slide show for one month ($99.00 value)

-FREE 2 hour pre-production meeting and planning

-FREE web hosting of highlight chapter or slide show for one month ($99.00 value)

-FREE 2 hour pre-production meeting and planning

-FREE web hosting of highlight chapter or slide show for one month ($99.00 value)


* Please note that the above editing times are estimates based on the package. We demand high quality of ourselves and will put in the editing time needed to create an extra special DVD for you!

* Guest interviews and love stories really add so much to the video. They are included in the Tier 3 package! Also, anything that you envision that we haven't listed, we can most likely do! Give us a call to make your special request.

"Rob and Lesley exceeded our expectations! We never once had to feel worried about how our special day would be recorded. They listened to every thought, idea, and wish and never missed a beat! Jeremy and I LOVE watching our DVD, it is something we will cherish forever. I would DEFINITELY recommend ImageWise to any local bride and groom. Their quality and creativity are worth their price."

~ Tiffany B, September '04

Choice of Fillings:

You can add any of the fillings below to your package:

Love Story Video Live Interview of How you Met

2 hour coverage
1 camera
Up to 35 photos

Life Story Photos Personal photos or video collection and optional narration orchestrated to music with special effects

Up to 150 photos
5 min of video footage

Rehearsal Dinner Coverage of your rehearsal dinner, engagement party or other special date

3 hours on location
1 camera

Slide Show Slide show of video stills or wedding photos set to music on a CD Up to 300 still photos

*Each filling above add $500

"...I know that we have said it a hundred times before, but it was really a pleasure working with you and Lesley on our special day. What sold me on you two was your communication from early on. I hope you realize how important that was to me from planning my wedding from the other side of the country and I just appreciate how you never made me feel "forgotten" in any way. You are both extremely talented. I know that our friends and families are going to love watching our wedding video!"

~Rick & Susana Senske, June 04

We can even plan your wedding if you'd like!

Lesley was an event planner before joining forces with her husband!

She has over 15 years of experience planning events.

If you don't want the worry or stress of booking music, finding a caterer, choosing a location, hunting for a florist, or picking out the cake, give us a call to receive a FREE quote to have us plan your wedding!

If you don't want us to plan your wedding, but would like us to recommend a photographer or vendor, we can do that too! See our vendor page.


"OK you guys are the BEST! Jesse and I had so much fun watching the DVD. I can’t wait to show my family!! I loved how you incorporated all of the music and pictures, it was awesome!"

~Tiffany and Jessie Safford, July '05

"It's been almost two years since our wedding, and we decided to sit down and watch the video again. We are soooo happy with how it turned out. You guys are awesome, thank you so much for making such a great video."

Andrew and Christina Boyd - Married in 2004

“...The Wedding video was AMAZING!! You did a wonderful job! I will recommend you to everyone!"

-Erik & Brandy McKibben, June ‘04

“...You did an incredible job of capturing moments we will only remember through video.”

~Darrell & Tia Weaver, May ‘04

“...Thank you, thank you, thank you! The video was absolutely perfect. It was exactly what we wanted and more.”

~Kiauna & Rashad Floyd , Aug’ 03

“ have been a pleasure to work with, I would recommend you to anyone needing a videographer. Thank you, thank you!”

~Jessica & Bret Morfin, Oct ‘03

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Remember, when you book us for your wedding you will receive:

* A professional, classic and timeless DVD of your special day to be cherished forever!
* A husband/wife team with state-of-the-art equipment and over 15 years of experience in the wedding/event industry
* Custom packaging and labels for your DVD
* A FREE get acquainted meeting if you'd like to check us out before you decide
* A FREE two hour pre-wedding consultation
* FREE extra DVD's for your family members or friends (See packages above)
* FREE web hosting of highlight chapter or slide show for one month (See packages above)
* A team that will work WITH your photographer to get exactly what you want.
* $200 OFF your package
* And we can even PLAN your wedding if you'd like!

Call us NOW at PHONE or
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capture your moment and preserve your memories.

Thank you,

Rob and Lesley Wise

P.S. In a recent WEVA (Wedding and Event Videographers Association) survey, sixty percent of brides interviewed who did not have their wedding videotaped wish they had. For today's engaged couples, professional wedding videography holds the same importance as wedding photography.

P.P.S Because of the personal touch we give to EVERY wedding (and all the extra time spent post production), we only book two weddings a month, so you’ll want to call right away to see if we’re available on your special day!

P.P.P.S And if you book now you'll receive $200 off your wedding package. Plus all the extra bonuses we provide!